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hot_xtina_icons's Journal

Hot Xtina Icon
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This is a Christina Aguilera Icon/avatar community.

Anything related to Christina is welcomed. All we ask is the following.

http://www.tribeblueeagle.com/myshell/Animations/blinkyX.gif Place all large pictures and post behind a LJ cut.

http://www.tribeblueeagle.com/myshell/Animations/blinkyX.gif Listen to the moderators.

http://www.tribeblueeagle.com/myshell/Animations/blinkyX.gif Keep on topic. This is a Christina Aguilera icon communitiy. Though other things related to her is welcomed as long as it has to do with her.

http://www.tribeblueeagle.com/myshell/Animations/blinkyX.gif Be kind. As the old saying goes if you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all.

Moderators are:
will be announced later....